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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Do, Do I? Exhibition at the Art Room

On to the next ECU Symposium 2014 posts; I apologize it's taking me awhile to get these going.
There were seriously so many amazing exhibitions the weekend of the symposium, and I loved visiting every one of them.

The concept behind I Do, Do I? Exhibition was a discussion and pieces on marriage and what it means to each artist.  Some were celebratory and others sad yet hopeful.  And some artists viewed marriage as also a marriage of themselves to the act of not marrying.  The exhibition was curated by fellow Nicole Jacquard as part of her One Night Stand traveling series exhibition. Some of the participating artists included: Andrew Kuebeck, Tina Lazzarine, Joshua Craig, Daniel Dicaprio, Marlene True, Randy Long and more. 

The displays for the rings were quite sensuous and imitated a ring shape.  Each exhibition piece accompanied an explanation of their submission.  

PS - I apologize for the grainy photos, taken with my iphone. 

Andrew Kuebecks copper ring.  Loved it!

Marlene True and her tin and silver rings. 

A description of David's ring...which I didn't capture.

Leather rings.

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