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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Momentary Myth opening reception

The photos are here from the opening night of the Momentary Myth joint exhibition with Sim Asher, all of the photos were taken by Aileen Devlin's Dad, Mr. Devlin.  He did a great job capturing the evenings attendees and all of us celebrating.

I could seriously pinch myself, I feel so lucky for the supportive community in Greenville.  People are always willing to contribute and do what they can to provide exposure for up and coming artists like Sim and I.  

Anywho, enough of that, below are the photos!
The team: Sterling Lieske, Aaron Iaquinto, Sim Asher, Nikki Lee, Khristie Thomas
me, Ashleigh Bowden, Meagan Wilson
Paige Thomas, Meagan Wilson and an attendee.  
Great photo of the displays.
Deer antler jawbone and the Deep Sea bronze sea horse pendant.
Old friends came out and it really made the evening better!
Me chattin' it up with Ellen Hinrichs of Geoflora Jewelry.
My work bench.
Great shot of the back studio space at Art Avenue. 
My fiance is so supportive, always comes out to cheer me on.
Aileen Devlin and Claire Edwards,
two awesome women working to bring arts to the Greenville community. 
My jewelry on display for the exhibition.
Stylish ladies at the exhibition.  
Processing a sale!  
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