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Thursday, May 10, 2012

New items in my Eilisain Etsy shop

Been working fast and furious these past several days, trying to catch up with work in the studio.  The large faux gauge talon earrings are a custom order and I'm quite pleased with them.  These larger earrings are definitely heavier than the small gauge earrings but they still work and are definitely fierce!

 Since I was casting in silver I thought, why not make the double owl talon earrings as well?   It's funny how I now respond to silver since working in bronze, they both have unique properties.  Silver in it's liquid form is so much more fluid and melts fast in contrast to manganese bronze which takes longer to melt and is more volatile. 
Large faux gauge (8mm) owl talon earrings.
Finally cast double owl talon earrings in silver!

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