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Sunday, September 4, 2011

2nd Update on Jessica Calderwood Penland workshop

Here is another update on the workshop I attended this past week at Penland School of Crafts, NC. For the second half of the workshop Jessica showed us how she incorporates ceramic decals and photo transfer paper to add images on enamel. It was really, really cool and many of us were excited by the possibilities of it's use.

The last day of our class we also had a 'sharing is caring' moment of displaying all our hardwork and discussing how we could take the techniques she showed us even further. It was alot of fun and also great to meet other people (that aren't university students) who are just as interested in jewelry processes.

I'll be posting more Penland updates, so stay tuned!

Jessica Calderwood with some of the students in class.

Fiona Mork's meticulous painted and drawn enamel wall piece.

Avery Luca's drawn hands. I love how it blends with her hands.

My ceramic and photo transfer decals.

Another shot of my bench.
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