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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lone star

This past weekend I flew to Austin, TX for my younger cousins wedding.

The afternoon before the wedding I had enough time to walk around downtown Austin and fortunately found the Mexic-Arte Museum, dedicated to enriching the community through education programs and exhibitions focusing on traditional and contemporary Mexican, Latino, and Latin American art and culture. I really enjoyed the installations and paintings.

Specifically the one above...for which I didn't write down the artist. Sorry! I do recall that it was done using enamel vs. paint. There were many others, I still have yet to download all the pictures but it was great to see young Latino artists supported and represented.

Before I went to the museum, my parents and I visited the very serene and well maintained Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. If there was a place, other than the lake where my parents live, that I'd get married at, it would be at this center. They have a beautiful pavilion with a lovely freshwater well and live oak and spanish moss trees.

Throughout the park/center were fun and elegant sculptures made of copper, steel wire, wood and clay. Such as the battling ants below and the deer above.

There were also purple, green and blue dragonflys buzzing around the streams and ponds. It really was beautiful. If you ever visit Austin, I highly recommend visiting this center which also serves as a research lab for the University of Texas.
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