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Saturday, February 6, 2010

graphic design and branding

So one of my goals this year, more like the first half of this year, is to create a banner/logo for my production work specifically an etsy page.

I'm in this weird/odd artistic state as I'm slowly finding my aesthetic meanwhile attending art school has opened my eyes to all sorts of new and fun materials and methods. I'm trying to find a consistent look and pattern to my production work. Preparing for the Valentine's Day sale is definitely spurring me and I'm feeling comfortable with cranking out pieces along with my look.

However at the same time, I'm at a loss with describing and identifying what I want my work to convey.

My cousin, Lorena Carrasco, is a graphic designer and she's definitely helping me hone in on that. I've solicited her to develop my banner and logo. Lorena is very talented and I trust in her skills.

Of course, I naively thought she'd just conjure exactly what I was thinking... crazy, I know! She in turn sent me several questions probing me on what my target audience is, 3 words that describe my jewelry, etc. Jeez, I have SO much to learn.

I'm excited to see what she designs!

Oh here is a recent drawing I did for my figure drawing class.

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