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Thursday, February 11, 2010


"I love you so much it hurts my head"

I've been wanting to trade with several of my art school friends/artists for awhile but didn't have anything that I felt I wanted to trade so with all the hearts I'd been making, the ECU Valentine's day Guild sale was the perfect opportunity.

I traded with a printmaking artist, Katerin Goold! She is SO very talented, I saw Sarah West, a fellow undergrad metalsmith, with this same poster and I fell in love instantly. And luckily she liked my heart pendant!

The oddity of the elephant's head on a woman's body is so, odd and perfect.

And lastily, I had to join Laura Wood's legion of followers with her paper/potato mold earrings. We traded and she was so excited to have one of my pendants, it's silly but made me feel good that she liked them.
Laura often sports these with one large earring and a smaller or none at all on the other lobe. Very cool. Laura is an ECU metals graduate student and she has an etsy shop that you can purchase her lovely jewelry and a blog.

You have to check her out.

And I just adore her packaging, it's so unique and her style.
Laura stitches pieces of doilies and other paper/fabric with a unique stitch.

I'm inspired to work on something more creative to display my work. Pin It

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