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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Durham Patchwork Holiday Market added to our show schedule

I'm just keeping every weekend quite busy up until the day of Christmas! I don't mind though as the holiday season is pretty MAJOR for every independent artists and retailer I know.

And I really can't stress it enough, buying locally made goods/food is SO beneficial to you and your community.  Your hard earned money goes to other people in your area that work hard to make long lasting sustainable goods.  It's just that simple.

With purchasing local, I'm also selling right down the road (sorta) from Greenville.  I love the Durham area and I especially love Morgan Grimm and the work she puts into making the Durham Patchwork market fun!

This year the market will be at the Durham Armory, and we will be there with all our favorite and popular pieces. 

The crow claw earrings, owl talon charm and chain and cat claw earrings - ALL UNDER $100!!
The pieces above are all going to be available at the Durham Patchwork Holiday Market and they are all under $100!!
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