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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Being Ethical...an Ethical Metalsmith

     I was recently called on the other day by Christina Miller, Executive Director of Ethical Metalsmiths to check in on my studio practice and inquire anything she could do to facilitate a better, and more ethical studio.  It was very refreshing to receive this phone call as well as inspiring.

I feel guilty saying this, but I hadn't really thought about it.  Yes I do try to use recycled metals and try to be as ethical as possible but then it got me thinking, what exactly is ethical in my studio practice?   It really is a hard place to be in, I love making jewelry and need metals to make it yet  I'm so removed from the entire process of how the metal actually gets to my door! 

I do know that there has been proposed mining in Alaska for copper and other metals and I've opposed this mining by contacting my senators and legislators.  And I take any opportunity I take to make my voice heard against the destruction of more wildlife is very, very important to me and my practice.  However, when it comes to where the silver and bronze comes from....I'm not as clued in.

So here goes, I'm going to make a goal and statement of becoming more involved and vocal about where I source my materials, specifically metal.  For any of you jewelers out there that would like a listing of ethical suppliers you can look here.

Below I list some of my current ethical practices.

Bronze castings fresh from the kiln.
 Current Ethics of Eilisain Jewelry are as follows:
  • All deer antler, bones, and talons have been found, not killed or hunted.
  • A twice yearly contribution is made to the Center for Biological Diversity, Nature Conservancy and Ethical Metalsmiths
  • Some metals are recycled and reused.
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