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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Penland post part III

Now that it's September, almost fall, my time at Penland feels like it was ages ago! I've been a bit delayed with my posts for my time at Penland, especially because SO much happened during that time and I took quite a few photos.

So here his a bit of a bump in the timeline of the posts (I have more studio visits but have to prepare the names etc.).

this post concerns the last days at Penland with the auction and special gift our class gave to our instructor Amir Friedman.  Amir is a really good teacher, he pushes you mentally and physically to give more than 110 percent!   With that being said, so did the students, pushing each other to work harder!  Barbara McFayden (a very skilled and veteran metalsmith) brought up an idea to make Amir a badge of honor, we all loved the idea immediately.  This would be a collaborative piece, each of us working on a component of the badge.

I don't think we knew what we were getting into, but in the end the piece was SO special and fun to make.  When we presented Amir's badge, he was speechless - which is very, very rare! 

Amir's badge of honor (copper, silver, brass and tin) 2013.  
Amir being his goofy self wearing his new badge proudly.  

Collaborative necklace components.

And yes, we even did a collaborative necklace.  An idea that came about discussing the classes and similarities with Rebecca Frank, the instructor for the steel/wearable sculpture course.  

Final collaborative necklace completed.  Each student made about 3 inches of the necklace. 

A donation item for the Penland auction.

Samples of steel work from Rebecca Frank's class. 

Samples of work from Amir's class.  

Laurel Fulton's rabbit neckpiece. LOVE

Rachel Mauser's cicada and paper brooch.  She worked so hard on these.  

Very cool chair. 

Glass neckpieces. 

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