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Sunday, December 13, 2009

senior shows

I've just discovered another fun and wonderful way to connect and learn from other artists.

Senior shows! As you may infer, graduating seniors (both BFA and MFA) exhibit their work at a local gallery, bar, restaurant. They represent themselves, print postcards and gain an understanding of showing their work. This past month I've been to several; metals, painting, sculpture and fiber.

It's gratifying to celebrate others artwork; to congratulate and share with them the wonder of art. This past weekend I went to a painting/sculpture show (combining shows saves money and energy). And it was so much fun, many of my fellow metalsmith students came as well as other department students. There was great music, even painting for yourself and food!

Here are some pictures.

1. Jon Graham painting

2. Myself, Laura Wood and Kat Cole Pin It

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