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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lugh, God of arts and crafts and Brigid Goddess of Smiths

I was about to write'not to get all preachy but...' and then I thought. Yes, that is exactly how I want to get but of course bring it back to metals and jewelry.

Last night I went to my first Iron Pour at ECU. I had heard of the infamous iron pour since the beginning of the semester, and seen students wear the tshirts and I was anxious in attending and watching the magic happen.

So this past Saturday was the pour and I got ready by making my own 'scratch mold'. I had no clue what it was but I found out and made one. I'll have to take pictures of it (as I still have to clean it up). A scratch mold is when you create an indention, negative relief of what you want to come out as a positive relief. The design process forces you to think in a different perspective. I really enjoy all the new design process' and techniques at school because there are so many ways to make something, I know, it sounds like a new revelation but life nowadays is like that, in that routine makes you forget all the possibilities!

Anywho, it as a totally awesome experience. When the sculpture faculty and students poured the iron it looked like molten fire. All of the students marveled at this which got me thinking about Lugh and Brigid, Celtic gods of the arts and smiths. They are my patron deities. Brigid has been with me for a long time; much of the time I didn't know she was. And to be a part of a community of craft is truly an honor and a celebration of the gods.

I really wanted to pour iron but I was also happy to stand to the side and watch first. Next semester I plan on pouring. And when you pour you need a minimal of 4 people and others watching and spotting you.
Here's just part of the magic! Pin It

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